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The International Conference on Continental Dynamics (ICCD) is aimed at discussion and exchange of ideas on a wide range of topics related to the formation of continents, cratons and supercontinents and their relationship to tectonics and deep mantle dynamics. ICCD comprises a three-day conference and deliberations followed by a post-conference field excursion to the Qinling Orogenic Belt. The Organizing Committee of the ICCD aims to bring together geologists, petrologists, geochemists, geochronologists and geophysicists integrating diverse approaches and methodologies.

The formation of continents, cratons and supercontinents constitute a focal theme of wide interest for not only evaluating the geological and tectonic history of Earth, but also in understanding how our planet became habitable through drastic changes in the surface environment. The early history of the Earth during Hadean is shrouded in mystery with only traces of evidence preserved relating to the oldest continental crust. Granitic crust is the main source of nutrient supply to evolve and sustain life, and therefore the timings and relationships between crustal evolution and life evolution is emerging as an important theme in understanding the history of the Earth. The formation of cratons through building cold, rigid and thick rafts beneath ancient continents, and their subsequent erosion are also topics of wide interest. The episodic amalgamation of continents into large land masses and their disruption, termed as supercontinent cycle, have significantly influenced the biogeochemical cycle and surface environmental changes. Above all, the impact of all these processes in evolving modern life on our planet and its implications on the search for life on other planets are attracting considerable attention on a broad and multidisciplinary scale.

About Xi'an

Xi'an, the capital city of 13 dynasties, is an ancient and historic city with a long history as early as 1100 thousand years ago when Lam Tin lived and worked here. The long history leaves Xi'an lots of precious cultural treasures, including the Terracotta Warriors, the relic of Chang'an city, Lotus palace of Tang Dynasty, the XiĄŻan Circumvallation, Great and Small Wild Goose Pagoda, the Drum and Bell Towers, the Huaqing Pond and the Famen Temple, etc. that have already been well-known to the world. However, the authentic old Xi'an life is probably best represented by its many temple fairs, square courtyards, the Shanxi Opera and the different styles of Chinese cuisine such as many Shaaxi noodles, mutton bun, dumpling banquet. Now Xi'an is a fast-growing and fashionable city with a full 21st Century vitality, similar to other great metropolis elsewhere in today's world. Particularly, the successful holding of the Expo 2011 XI AN CHINA has brought great changes to Xi'an, strengthening the friendly communications between Chinese and foreign people.

Xi'an is also a tourist city. The city witnessed many major events in china's history. Every brick, every object unearthed in that historic city can tell us a fascinating story. The shaanxi history museum there has a collection of over 370000 items. You cannot miss it.