Abstract Submission
Online Registration

1. Passport and Visa

In general, most visitors will require Chinese visas in order to enter China. We strongly advise that participants should arrange for their visas application at least TWO months before their departure for China.

To apply for a BUSINESS visa to attend the ICCD, you should check that you have:


* completed a visa application form
* one recent passport photograph
* current passport which is valid for over 6 months from the date of entry into China.
* return flight ticket
* formal invitation letter (issued after the registration fee and hotel deposit are paid)

For participants coming to Beijing with family members, please provide the names of the family members in the registration form. We will automatically generate a formal invitation letter to include them after you pay the fee for the accompanying person.

Participants are advised to consult the nearest Chinese diplomatic mission for details.

Once in China, the participants are advised to carry their passports with them at all times.

2. Water
In China, tap water is considered quite hard and needs to be boiled before drinking. Therefore, Tap water at all hotels in China is not drinkable. Inquire with hotel staff members when you check in. If you are unsure it is recommended you drink bottled water only or cool boiled water offered by hotels.

3. Power Supply

China uses 220 volt power supply for standard domestic and business purposes. Hotels generally provide wall sockets in every bathroom for razors and hair dryers, accommodating both ˇ°straight two-pin plugs,ˇ± and ˇ°triangular 3-pins plugs.ˇ±

If you wish to bring electric devices for use during your stay, a transformer, which can be bought in China for CNY100-200, is necessary. Most of the hotels in China have both 110V and 220V electrical outlets in the bathrooms, though in guest rooms usually only 220V sockets are available.
As the shape of a socket varies between countries, a portable plug adaptor may also be necessary. It can be purchased from travel stores (such as Franzus) or electronics stores (i.e. RadioShack, Best Buy) in your local countries. Also you can buy it in China.

4. Insurance
The registration fee does not include insurance for the participants regarding accidents, sickness or loss of personal property. It is advisable that participants make their own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance before leaving their countries.
5. Currency Exchange
In China, only RMB is used. However, exchange centers can be found at airports, most hotels and large shopping centers. When exchanging money, please keep your receipt by which you can change any remaining RMB back to foreign currency when leaving China. Visa, Master, American Express are accepted in many department stores and hotels. ATM could help you to get RMB cash from your credit card.
Participants will need to show a passport and pay a 0.75 percent commission. Travelers' cheque signed over to a third party cannot be cashed in China, but can be presented for collection through the Bank of China.
6. Reconfirmation of Air Ticket
Some of the departure air ticket (both international and domestic) should be reconfirmed 72 hours in advance. Please contact with your airline office about the procedure before your departure for China.
7.When You Arrive at Airport, Take a Taxi
It will be helpful to have a printed sheet with information about the hotel, including its name in Chinese. It will be given out later.

See the links to prepare for your arrival and for finding a taxi and getting to the hotel. Unless you have had a chance to learn more about other transportation from the airport taking a taxi (~ 100 RMB or USD$20 with tip) is recommended.